A Music Theatre Piece in Two Acts.
Duration: 90 minutes


Centre stage stands the imposing Nő god figure. It is masked and dressed in elaborate and colourful robes which totally hide its figure. The Nő figure is performed by a counter-tenor, a symbol of the unity of male and female and of the Transhuman/godhead. Three screens create a backdrop and cage for this figure and serve as a décor.

Around this central figure an anonymous man and woman go through a series of actions and interactions which eventually lead to them becoming one with the Nő god. The production is segmented into two parts: In part 1 the man and woman go through their actions separate from the Nő figure but gradually taking on its form. The staging is frontal, stereo and semi-traditional. In part 2 the man and woman have taken on the identity of the No figure and the staging alters becoming immersive, surround sound and ritualistic total theatre with. The audience enters the theatre space.



In accordance with the Nő practice we will also make use of masks in the production. But not necessarily traditional masks. These may be imaginative creations. Masks ranging from the hideous to the elegant; demonic to angelic; and finally the mask of the Transhuman/godhead which all three of the actors will don when the second part 'Endgame' begins.


The language ranges from the abstract/symbolic to a more traditional dialogue based theatre. The text of the Nő figure is hermetic and image based which verges on abstraction. In part 1 the text of the male and female figures is primarily dialogue with detonations of advertisements, slogans, news bulletins and other modern information blasts. In part 2 we are dealing with a ritualistic setting. We are now outside of our time and spatial plane and the text will give form to this in long drawn out phrases, almost slow-motion mixed with sharp, quick interjections, so fast as to be almost un-understandable. Maybe words metamorphosing into each other.


The first part of the production is a series of Games. Each of the games metamorphoses into the other creating a chain reaction. The games lead eventually at the climax of part 1 to the total alteration of the man and woman into the No figure in the second part entitled 'Endgame'. Gaming is a very 'rule' and 'protocol' oriented environment and very close to a Ritual in structure.

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