Chamber Orchestra

Title Composer(s) Scoring
Fassbinder's Tod Norbert Wissing picc,1,2,2,2,sop.sax,alt sax.,
2,1,1,0,1 perc,archi
Todesfuge - Introduction Norbert Wissing soprano, fl.a,eh,2,1,1,1,
1,1,timp,5 perc,hrp,vla,vlc,cb.
Memorial for the Victims of the Tsunami Norbert Wissing 1,eh,1,1,ten.sax,-1,1,
1,0,timp,4 perchrp,archi
Stille Kracht Norbert Wissing chamber orchestra
Musica per orchestra da camera Norbert Wissing chamber orchestra
Movimenti Norbert Wissing small chamber orchestra