Clarinet, Bassclarinet

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Title Composer(s) Scoring
Dansiare Hans van Eck Clarinet-solo
Assumptio Hans van Eck Clarinet-solo
Norbert Wissing Clarinet-solo
Norbert Wissing
Incantatio 2 Hans van Eck Bassclarinet-solo
Due Spezzoni Norbert Wissing Bassclarinet-solo
Musica per Clarinetto Norbert Wissing Clarinet-/Bassclarinet-solo
Wire Movements for Bassclarinet
and optional live-electronics
Hans van Eck Bassclarinet, live-el., tapes
Assumptio for Bassclarinet
live-electronics and tapes
Hans van Eck Bassclarinet, live-el., tapes
Fantasia IV, De Aarde Hans van Eck Bassclarinet & tape

The book on Bass Clarinet technique by Harry Sparnaay