Kees Weggelaar, 1945

Kees Weggelaar

born in Amsterdam as son of a professional organist, who played in the English Reformed Church, Bagijnhof Amsterdam.(1907- 2000:organ of Ingram & Company.After 2000: a Flentrop- organ).

Studies graduated on the Conservatorium of Amsterdam from 1962 ‚ 1971..
Organ with the late Dr. Anthon van der Horst (1899-1965) and Albert de Klerk (1917-1998)
Town organist at M¸llerorgan St.Bavo Haarlem, with Piet Kee (1927-
Private-lessons improvisation with Cor Kee (1900-1997), from 1968 -1970
Churchmusic with the same _blank-teachers, exept Cor Kee, and Dr. Jan van Biezen (Hymnology)
General music-teaching with Jan Boeke.( 1921-1993), on the same conservatory.
Studies completed in 1968 and 1971.

1964-1971 active as organist in some churches, and docent organ on two Dutch music-schools from 1970 until 1999. teaching, giving lectures about modern organmusic, and organizing organ-excursions .
From 1999 until now active in composing and writing articles (for our Organ-association K.N.O.V. = The Royal Guild of Professional Dutch Organists). And reviews in other Organmagazins like "The 'Orgelfriend".
Composing as autodidact from my studying-time .Pieces of my youth have strong influence of Alain and Messiaen. In present time influences of Daan Manneke ( 1937- ) and Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
Special interest in 20th /21th-century music, gave lectures about that.("Speeches") Also interested in other forms of art. (Architecture)

Selection of Major Works:
"LACHRIMAE, for soprano, trompet and organ" more organ works
"Drei Fantasien über in memoriam Bela Bartok"
"Tryptique 1968"
"Variaties over das Jahr geht still zu Ende"
"Air pour Clavecin"

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