at the homepage of the Amsterdam composers: Hans van Eck and Norbert Wissing.

We offer you free scores in Acrobat PDF- format.

If you are interested in the music you can best download the file to your harddisk, and print the file.
We recomment you use as high resolution as possible (1440/1440 dpi) so you get a readable score.

If you get a bad printout you can email us to get a full quality scan.

You can use our music for free for private amusements, teaching practice, concerts etc. on condition you do not pass this work as your own.
If you play one of our works, please inform us about this performance with an email.

We have arranged the music in different catagories:

Solo Works for Piano, Violin, Violoncello
Elementary Study Works
Advanced Study Works
Concert Works
Vocal Works Vocal Works with Electronic Sounds
Vocal Works with Accompaniment of Piano
Vocal Works with Accompaniment of an Ensemble
Works for Chamber Ensemble
Orchestral Works Original Compositions for Orchestra
Arrangements for Orchestra
Orchestral Works with Solo's