Study Works

Works for study and amusement.
As we are no music-teachers, some pieces can happen to be more simple or difficult than we imagine.

Elementary Works:
easy play pieces for music lovers and teachers.

2 Bagatelli, for piano

Gymnopedie, for piano

Advanced Study Works for music students and well trained amateurs.

Voor het Afscheid, for piano

Bagatelle97, for piano

Bagatelle apres Macbeth, for piano

Sonate no.2

Bagatelle 1988, for piano

De Onthulling, for piano

Schmitt: op 16a

Preparatory Studies
good trainig material for all levels

Schmitt: Etudes op 16

Incantatio I, for flute

5 Stukken, for flute

Suite for Flute solo

Incantatio I, for saxophone

Miniatures, for saxophone

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