A Music Theatre Piece in Two Acts.
Duration: 90 minutes



The central No figure is ambivalent. It might be a totally symbolic representation of the end game of the psyche or a far advanced human in other words a Transhuman. This leads to the Science Fiction narrative. Mankind has advanced through cybernetics and robotics into the Transhuman. There are many forms of these beings some of whom are pure information others semi-material entities. They may also be time travelers. Evolution is one of their many experiments. Creating laboratory-like environments and watching the multifarious forms life can evolve into. This can also be done in two ways: either using actual material forms or as virtual descriptions.

The two humans in the production are possible parameters in such an experiment. They are observed evolving. Scenarios are created to allow this to happen. Wars are created; Conflicts; Ideas; and Various social interactions through mating, theatres, song etc. The Nő figure sings throughout in its strange, hermaphroditic timbres. Its text a curious semi-abstract amalgamation. An alien language.


The Musical Forces reflect the curious combination of Nő, Science Fiction and Evolutionary Ideas. The central Nő figure is performed by a Counter-Tenor. An example of how effective Nő can be combined with a western approach is the Cassandra segment of Xenakis' Oresteia where the Counter-Tenor's part has definite Japanese stylizations and the instrumental forces suggest Japanese practices.

The Nő figure / Deity is symbolized in the music by using abstract electronic and digital sounds. These electronic sounds will be created by mathematical synthesis techniques. Maybe he exists only in this digital form?

Also present in the ensemble is the Theremin. This early electronic instrument was developed in the 1920's by the Russian inventor Leon Theremin. Its eerie, song-like timbre has been a staple of Science Fiction films for many years. In the hands of a capable performer it can be extremely expressive while retaining its alien, ether music aura. These sounds arises out of wit an electronic circuit; the Theremin is an instrument without resonator - an instrument without 'flesh or body'. But the way in which this instrument is been played on contradicts this high level of abstraction: by moving the hands of the player close, without actually touching the instrument, it will emanates its eerie sounds. Out of this contradiction comes pure psychic emotion as the most direct expression of the feelings of the Nő figure as 'Transhuman'. It is custom to enhance the performance on the Theremin with subtle use of diverse forms of vibrato, this strengthens the emotional aspect of the music. Apart from this a connection can be created with the violin in the other ensemble.

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