A Music Theatre Piece in Two Acts.
Duration: 90 minutes

Music: Hans van Eck
Libretto: Paul Goodman


'EMERGENCE' uses the theme of Evolution, both physical and spiritual, as its centre. The concept of 'Transhumanism' embodies one side of this theme. This contemporary movement sees human evolution in terms of Robotics and Cybernetic extensions of the body. These techniques, as well as downloading human consciousness into computer networks, are seen as the means with which we will take the next step in our development along the evolutionary ladder. An opposite approach to evolution is given form in the Gnostic movements. These state that human consciousness is able to attain God-head and eventually merge or unify itself with the universe through purely psychic techniques. 'Emergence' suggests a synthesis of these two paths.


'EMERGENCE' takes the Nő theatre as a point of departure. Nő as well as a stylistic device also serves as a symbol of an 'alien' cultural component. It is a way of denoting the Transhuman element and god-head both of which are 'alien' and both of which reside outside time and space. It is this extra-dimensionality that the Nő theatre attempts to express. The Transhuman/godhead takes the position of the extra-human elements in the Nő theatre and is masked.

The alienating interjections of western elements such as advertisements, news bulletins, gaming etc. into such a context creates a space which is open to many combinations and expressive possibilities.
Using the Nő theatre as a device also frees the text to explore many areas of expression. The language of Nő is so difficult as to be almost abstract. It emphasizes the non-worldly character.

Another point is that the concept of introducing Science Fiction content into a westernized Nő is totally (as far as I know) unknown thus no one can point out anything similar. Nő will not necessarily be followed literally but it is a form of inspiration, a point of reference.